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3D Vectra Technology

In our day, patients would like to see how they are going to look after the surgery. (3D Vectra Technology) Up to now, some limited simulation programmes and some programmes that provide the 2D visualization of the rhinoplasty were being used. However, it had some disadvantages such as the visualization of only some of the aesthetic surgeries (rhinoplasty), unrealistic 2D simulations and the individualization of the factors regarding the patient.

Rhinoplasty operations are one of the plastic surgery operations mostly preferred in Turkey and in the world. Dr Ercan Demiray said that the smallest change in the nose image distinguishably changes the facial expression. Accordingly, when a person, who is uncomfortable with his/her nose image, decides for an operation, he/she acts in a concerned manner in terms of the post-operative image of his/her nose. The nose image designated by the doctor in accordance with the expectations of the rhinoplasty candidate is created in a virtual platform by three-dimensional simulation devices. It enables people to decide for the operation more confidently and comfortably during the decision stage for rhinoplasty operations. (Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey)

Differently from previously used methods, 3D VECTRA is a system where 3D analysis and simulation can be created using 6 different high quality cameras. Thus, besides of 3D monitoring of rhinoplasties, it plays an important role in determination of important criteria such as the size and type of the prosthesis to be used in breast prosthesis. Same with rhinoplasties, it’s possible to visualize the surgery technique and the results of Breast Enlargement in 3D. Thus, not only it’s possible to visualize the results after surgery, but also very useful technical information in terms of the operation can be provided for the surgeon. (Breast Augmentation Istanbul, Turkey)

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