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Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast is a very important organ for women, therefore the way breasts are shaped are also extremely significant for most women. Breast Augmentation Surgery is one of the most common surgeries carried out in the world. Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation surgeries, which insert a silicon implant, are the most effective and healthy method for enlarging breasts and achieving the desired size- other methods (such as fat injection) are still under debate. Implants are divided into two types depending on their constituents; serum or gel. Due to the more natural appearance gained by gel implants, they are more widely used and preferred around the world. Breast Augmentation Turkey

Why is mammoplasty required?

• The breast may become deformed due to various hormonal reasons.
• There may be reduction and drooping in the breast and emptiness within them in the post-natal period and due to breastfeeding.
• Breast deformities may be observed due to ageing or weight changes.
• You may genetically have small breasts.
• If you congenitally have asymmetric appearance, you may want to have a normal appearance.
• You may have lost your breast after the cancer treatment. You may want to have your previous look with breast silicone after this saddening situation.

Due to all of these reasons, women are more interested in breast augmentation and lifting operations. Placing prosthesis (silicone) in the breast is the most effective and healthy method for an augmentation in desired sizes at the present time. There are methods such as fat injection or other substance injection on the purpose of breast augmentation; however their long-term effects should be discussed. Breast Augmentation Istanbul

Round or Tear Shaped Silicon?

Implants come in two shapes; round and tear shaped. The preferred shape depends on the patient’s chest structure. Upon detailed examination and preparation of 3D projections of post-operative images using Vectra, Dr. Ercan Demiray can determine the best shape to suit the patient.

Implants are places either on top, or beneath the chest muscle depending on the patient’s chest and breast structure.

May I make the silicone selection?

Which one of the tear-drop or silicone implants is appropriate for your breast structure will be determined by Dr. Ercan Demiray. You will virtually be seeing how the silicone type determined by your doctor look in your body after the three dimensional imaging that will be performed by 3D Vectra.

Tear-drop silicone is a silicone type referred as anatomic implant. Tear-drop silicone is preferred since it is a silicone type, which is mostly appropriate for the anatomic structure of the breast area, and forms a more natural appearance. However, if our patient has given birth and the interior parts of the breasts are emptied due to the deformation in the post-natal period or breast lifting is required, round silicones are generally preferred. The round silicones are also preferred since they form a more plump appearance in the décolleté area.

From where are the implants placed and where are the incisions performed?

In order to place the tear-drop or round silicones in the body, incisions, of which the places vary according to the person, are performed. These incisions may be performed on the areas below;
Under breast
Belly button
In order to place it from the nipple, the nipple must have a certain length. The short diameter of the nipple is supposed to be at least 4 cm.
Placements performed under the breast are the most preferred and standardized placement method at the present time. An incision of approximately 4-5 cm is performed under the breast and appropriate silicone type is placed. This is one of the most preferred methods by the surgeons as it enables both comfortable controlling of the operation site and usage of the tear-drop silicone type.

The incisions to be performed in the armpit are only appropriate for the round prosthesis and only sub-muscle placement can be performed. The most important advantage is that the scar is unapparent. However, there is a general limitation for the usage of armpit area due to the facts that tear-drop prosthesis cannot be used; application cannot be made from the same area when a change is required again, and it cannot be placed on the upper-muscle area.

The disadvantage of the belly button is that only the prosthesis, which is blown up with serum, is placed and the placement site is only the sub-muscle area, and it limits the usage of this area.

Will there be scar after the Breast Enlargement Surgery?

There may be scars depending on the place and depth of the incisions not only in the breast augmentation operations but also in many plastic surgery operations such as; abdomen lifting, face lifting, breast reduction . The important point regarding this issue is the placement of the scars. The incisions which are performed on the lines of armpit, under-breast, under-belly, namely the natural lines, may get pale and unapparent and become natural lines within 7-8 months depending on the wound healing period of the patient.

Although placement of these lines are dependent on the genetic factors, performing the operation gently without damaging the tissues, some factors related to the patient and skin color and type of the patient are important in terms of formation of the lines.

The place of the incision is decided according to the breast tissue structure of the patient, the type of the silicone required to be used and by the breast examination. The methods to be used and the prosthesis types will vary for each patient.

Which anesthesia method is preferred in the mammoplasty operations? What is the duration of the operation?

Breast augmentation operations are generally operations performed under general anesthesia and lasting in the range of 45 minutes and 1 hour.

What is the process of returning to daily life after the prosthesis operations?

Generally 1 night of hospitalization is required in these operations. Our guests, who come from other cities or abroad, are supposed to stay in Istanbul at least for 5 days. Adaptation to normal life is provided after approximately 1 week and 10 days. Physical activity and doing exercise may be started generally after 30 and 45 days, though it changes according to the nature of the person and the technique used. It is recommended to start this process by consulting the doctor.

Would breast surgery affect postpartum lactation?

Breast feeding should not be affected by breast surgery, in both cases of placing the implant above or beneath the breast muscle. Moreover there is no direct association between having breast implants and developing breast cancer; breast implants do not lead to breast cancer. However, it is recommended for women who undergo breast augmentation to undergo routine breast scans by EMAR technique which can read mammography images of breast with implants more accurately. Breast Augmentation Turkey

What is the cost of this application?

Breast Augmentation Surgery prices may vary according to the people and breast types. We cannot publish prices at our website as per the laws.

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