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Breast Reduction

Macromastia is a health problem as well as it’s an aesthetic problem for women. Big breasts can cause problems about posturing problems (leaning forward), skin rubbing and sweating, back and neck pains and problems about clothing selection and several psychological problems that may effect social life of young ladies.

Although breast reduction surgery can be performed starting from the ages of 17-18, it can also be performed earlier.

There are various techniques for the surgery. In many of these techniques, chute channels are protected for the possible future deliveries and breast feedings. The rate of breastfeeding in the women that had breast reduction surgery is 70%. (Breast Reduction Istanbul)

While there are different techniques for the surgery, in almost all of them, either there is a line going down starting from the nipple or a cut with the shape of upside down. The technique to be used in the surgery is determined by looking at the size of the breasts, deformation level and their elasticity.

This surgery is a 2,5-3 hours of a process under general anesthesia. After the surgery, the patient is hospitalized for one night. Breast reduction surgeries don’t cause a lot of pain and going back to the daily life happens fast. (Breast Reduction Turkey)

The breasts don’t get bigger again after the surgery. This surgery doesn’t increase the risk of having cancer, moreover, breast cancer is seen less than usual in the women that had breast reduction surgery. The women who had this surgery have a significant increasement in the activity and life quality.

What are the points required to be known before the breast reduction operation?

The fact that you come for the examination after the ultrasound and mammography are performed is a significant advantage in terms of making the correct diagnosis.

The size of your breast may have discomfort you for many years and you may demand your breasts to be reduced very much. Sizing appropriate for your body proportion is important in terms of aesthetic appearance. You should be conscious of this fact.

Dr Ercan Demiray will determine the incision method and operation technique according to the body structure and characteristics of the people.

Please share the issues such as whether you have given birth or think about having a child or not with your doctor during the examination. We recommend you to undergo operation by receiving answers for all kinds of questions without thinking that your questions would be nonsense.

What should be done in the pre-operative period?

  • It is important that you are hungry and thirsty in the manner of fasting before a period (approximately 8-9 hours) determined by you surgeon in the pre-operative period.
  • You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • You should choose comfortable clothes, which are button-front, for the post-operative period.
  • You should stop drinking herbal tea, taking blood-thinner medicines and vitamins approximately 1 week or 10 days in advance.
  • You should inform your doctor about the medicines you use and the disease you have gone through previously. All this information will be questioned by the health personnel.

Will there be scar after the breast reduction surgery?

The incisions to be performed during these operations will be determined by your plastic surgeon according to the person’s structure. The knowledge and the experience of the plastic surgeon are very important in terms of the success of the doctor as well as all plastic surgeries. As the incisions are performed by taking the body lines into consideration, the scars arising in the post-operative period will become integrated with these lines by getting pale over time. However, the details should be consulted with Dr Ercan Demiray during the examination since it may vary according to the person.

The people, who require breast reduction surgery, will not care about these pale scars afterwards since they will get free from problems such as breast weight and correspondingly observed back pains, skin chafing and redness under the breast, smell of which they feel uncomfortable, and not adapting to the social life.

What is the cost of this application?

Breast Reduction cost may vary according to the people and breast types. We cannot publish prices at our website as per the laws.

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