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Face Lift

Face Lift Surgeries

Volume depletion can occur both in bony tissue and soft tissue as well as there may be a replacement in the places of tissues on our faces along with the effect of gravity and the loss of elasticity. In Face Lift, loose and replaced tissues under the skin are placed back to their previous positions. Additionally, the volume depletions in these tissues can be replaced through fat injections. In Face Lift Surgeries, techniques such as complete face lift, MACS life (mini face lift) and endoscopic middle face lift are used according to the level of deformity. The suitable technique to be used is determined through examination. Face Lift Turkey

Surgical interventions, in which agedness signs arising due to increased age in the facial area and many reasons are removed, constitute the face lifting plastic surgery. The objective of the face lifting is to make the patient have a natural and young face.

The person has an appearance of 10-15 years younger when the deformations that affect the psychology of women adversely and make them sad by causing a tired, sad and old facial expression are erased by face lifting or rejuvenating plastic surgery. The cheeks, edges of lips, neck
site look stretched, lively, natural, young and more dynamic since drooping, deep lines, excessive fat tissue and extra skin are removed. Invisible operation scar is not a concern factor for the patient.

Young patients, who have facial deformations due to genetic reasons, are also treated with face lifting esthetics as well as the patients, who are generally middle aged and over.

What are the signs of old age in the face?

The facial deformations and signs of agedness are revealed as prominent lip and cheek lines, drooping, fat deposition and folds in the neck, drooping in the cheeks and scars under the chin. Face Lift Istanbul

The factors causing deformation of the facial esthetics:
– Advanced age
– Genetic susceptibility
– Gravity – Intense direct contact with harmful solar rays
– Smoking habit
– Frequently weight gaining and losing
– Stressful life style
– Intense use of mimics
– Intense use of computer

Who may have face lifting operations perform?

The people, who are at the age of or over 40, and the people, who have drooping in the neck, face and the edges of lips though they are below 40 years.
The people who have;
– Drooping in the cheeks
– Prominent and deep lip and cheek lines
– Drooping, fat deposition and folding in the neck
– No health problems to hazard the operation
– Realistic expectations related to the results of the operation as they feel psychologically ready for the operation.

How is the face lifting operation performed?

The patient should know that he/she needs to give up smoking habit for some time if he/she smokes.
The information related to alcohol drinking, smoking and harmful substance use habits and diseasessuch as hypertension, cardiovascular and liver diseases of the patient is evaluated by the plastic surgeon in the examination of pre-operative period. The planning of operation is performed by considering skin texture, bone structure, fat deposition amount and prevalence, drooping degree according to the severity of deformation in the face and neck of the patient.

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