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The breast enlargement in men is called Gynecomastia. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a frequent problem. Tens of reasons such as hormonal problems, liver or thyroid diseases, various drugs used can cause Gynecomastia. (Gynecomastia in Istanbul)
However, in more than 90% of the people with gynecomastia, there aren’t any obvious problems.

While open surgical methods have been used in the treatment of gynecomastia in the previous years, they are not applied anymore because of its disadvantages such as scars and not being able to take out equal amount of tissues.

When gynecomastia is detected by Dr Ercan Demiray, the current treatment is the liposuction techniques. However, along with the developing technology, laser liposuction or vaser lipo (ultrasonic liposuction) is being preferred instead of traditional liposuction techniques.

Thanks to these techniques, aesthetic results are much effective and the problem of scars doesn’t exist anymore. This application can be carried out through local anaesthesia or preferably general anaesthesia. The patient can be released in the same day. Since there are no pains after the surgery, getting back to daily life happens fast. No relapse is seen since the tissues are taken permanently. (Gynecomastia Turkey)

How is the breast reduction procedure of males performed by Vaser Liposuction method?

Gynecomastia treatment by Vaser is one of the most effective treatment options at the present time. In terms of this treatment used as Vaser lipolysis or Vaser Liposuction nowadays; vaser device does not damage the vessels, nerves and connective tissues as it particularly targets the fat cells specifically.

In the breast reduction operations or regional fat removal operations with Vaser, the reason for observing less pain, swelling and bruise is because this device is fat-targeted. Rapid recovery period in the post-operative period enables the patients to adapt their daily lives easily. Fat removal treatment with vaser performed by using ultrasonic sound waves is nowadays an effective and successful treatment method for the breast reduction treatment in the males and fat removal procedures in the whole body.

How to apply Laser Liposuction method?

The procedure of breast reduction in the males is also one of the treatment options often used at the present time. The Laser Liposuction method is the removal procedure of the fat tissue in the breast tissue by melting off with the laser energy. Rapid healing process is provided in the laser devices.

Do I have to undergo operation for gynecomastia treatment?

In order to get free from the problem of breast augmentation in the males, there is no solution method apart from the operation at the moment. Attempting to get free from this problem by some products sold may cause more adverse results. However, new techniques of our day are also listed under the name of non-operative breast reduction. The facts that healing periods are short and there is no incision problem provide more comfortable and rapid results compared to normal operation procedure.

Which anesthesia method is used in the breast reduction procedure? Is relapse observed?

This procedure may preferably be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The patient may be discharged at the same day. Returning to daily life is rapid as there is no pain in the post-operative period. Since the tissues are permanently emptied, no breast augmentation recurrence, in other words relapse, is observed.

How should the preparation be before Gynecomastia operation?

The points that should be known before the breast reduction operation in the males are as follows.

  • You should stop drinking herbal tea, taking vitamins and blood-thinner products such as aspirin approximately 1 week or 10 days in advance. If you use blood thinner regularly with the doctor prescription, you must inform us.
  • If general anesthesia will be applied, you should be hungry in the manner of fasting in the post-operative period at the operation day. You will be informed by your doctor about how long you are required to remain hungry.
  • You shouldn’t definitely smoke and drink alcohol.
  • In the post-operative period, you will have to wear medical corset for the time considered appropriate by Dr. Ercan Demiray (approximately 2-3 weeks). The medical team will provide you the corset after the operation.

Will it scar in the operation site after the breast reduction operation in the males?

Surgical treatment is not generally required due to new techniques applied anymore and vaser and laser devices are used. A small incision is performed for thin cannula of these devices and fat or breast tissue is melted off by providing ultrasonic or laser energy over this incision. Hence, there is no scar problem in the post-operative period. Moreover the muscles may become more prominent with the firming effects of the devices.

What is the cost of this application?

Gynecomastia prices may vary according to the people situation. We cannot publish male breast reduction prices at our website as per the laws.

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