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Laser Liposuction

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction is a technique utilizing laser technology to dissolve and extract accumulated fat in various areas of the body that aims to give it better shape.

Laser Liposuction versus Conventional/Traditional Liposuction?

The most effective method to eliminate localized fat in the body and to restore skin sagging and indented skin appearance is liposuction. However, since liposuction utilizes older application methods it may have some disadvantages such as bruising which can be minimized by utilizing a combination of current advances in laser technology together with conventional liposuction methods.

Although laser devices dissolve fat tissues and tighten the surface of the skin in order to ensure that sagging skin is not observed, traditional liposuction cannot tackle problems of skin tightening (for example when skin loses elasticity after excessive weight fluctuations such as after pregnancy). To tackle these problems, laser lipolysis can be used due to its skin tightening properties. Laser lipolysis also minimizes the rugged appearance of skin by equally dissolving fat tissues from the surface, whilst keeping bruising at minimal. When undergoing laser treatment, patients are put under general or local anesthesia to be able to withstand the painful process, and are able to quickly resume to their daily lives. (Laser Liposuction Turkey)

For whom is laser liposuction, an appropriate method of fat removal? Is it an operation of losing weight?

Fat removal applications with laser are definitely not operations of losing weight. This fat removal technique is a body firming method, which is appropriate for usage in the people, who have normal external body appearance but have fat excess in some regions such as abdomen, hips, bottom, legs, arms, back and jowl in particular.

How do the new technique laser devices work?

The laser devices affect by melting off the fat tissue and at the same time by firming the surface skin.

Thus, skin drooping, which may be observed after the fat removal, is not observed. Likewise, new fat removal techniques are easily used due to their skin firming characteristics while normal liposuction cannot be used to exemplify for the elasticity losses developed in the post-natal period or after gaining and losing weight excessively.

The other advantage of fat removal techniques with laser is that they reduce the risk of uneven appearance observed in normal liposuction to the minimum level due to the characteristic that laser is able to melt off the fat tissue equally.

Furthermore, bruises, which may arise in the region on which the procedure is performed, decrease.
Fat removal with laser may be applied efficiently for the patients, who have previously undergone liposuction with traditional methods. Dr Ercan Demiray uses slim lipo device in laser operations according to the characteristics of the person.

Will there be fat deposition again in the same region after the liposuction method with laser?

Excess fat cells in your body, which are expanded, are removed by laser lipolysis method. The number of fat cells in body has already been completed after the adolescence. Regional weight excess happens in consequence of expansion of the fat cells due to the malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle and forming an unpleasant appearance in the regions of your body such as abdomen, hips, bottom. Laser Liposuction Turkey

These expanded fat cells are removed by breaking up after the laser liposuction. There will not be fat reproduction in the region, on which fat cells are removed. Since no increase in the fat cells number
will occur again, no fat deposition recurrence will be observed in the region, on which fat is removed by laser.

However, there are fat cells, which are still not removed and which have to remain in your normal structure, in the regions you have undergone laser lipolysis. These fat cells are necessary fat cells
for your life. Therefore, in case people are not nourished regularly and balanced and they get into the habit of sedentary lifestyle, other fat cells remaining in these regions may also begin expanding and overweight appearance may arise again.

Which anesthesia method is applied?

These applications are performed under general or local anesthesia according to the person. The person may return to his/her daily life as it is not a painful method.

How long does the application of fat removal with laser take?

Laser application period varies according to the region it is applied. It generally takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for a single region. It varies according to the size of the region and fat ratio for
each region added.

When can I return to normal life after these operations? How long should a liposuction applicant from another city or abroad stay in Istanbul?

You can discharge from the hospital the next day of the laser operations by being hospitalized for 1 night according to your demand. No extra payment will be requested from you for your hospitalization. Or you can go to the place you will stay after a rest period of 3-4 hours in your room
at the hospital. You can return to your normal life within 3 days.
It is sufficient that our guests coming from another city or abroad stay in Istanbul for 3 days. They can return to their countries afterwards.

Will the corset be used after slim laser lipo? Where can I supply it? How long should I use it?

The usage of corset for a certain period after the liposuction operations is important for success in the post-operative period.
The medical corsets supplied by us will be put on you by the caregivers before leaving the operating room. The usage period of corset is determined by your doctor according to your body structure.
They are generally supposed to be worn for 2-3 weeks in average.

Can lipolysis operations be applied in combination with other aesthetic operations?

Yes The operations such as abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lifting, rhinoplasty, eyelids, eye brow lifting may be performed in combination according to your suitability during fat removal with laser operations.

What is the cost of this application?

Laser Liposuction cost may vary according to the people’s body areas and fat levels. We cannot publish prices at our website as per the laws.

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