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Post-Bariatric Cosmetic Surgery


Some people might gain weight, even suffer from obesity due to various reasons. For instance, a sedentary lifestyle, endocrine diseases and malnutrition can lead to obesity. These individuals may experience some health problems, thus they can be operated by General Surgeons. General surgeons implement different techniques on their stomach and as a result the patients could get rid of extra weights. This procedure is called Bariatric Surgery. In general, some deformations occur one year after the bariatric surgery. This situation might vary depending on patients’ genetic features, connective tissues and how much time they devote to exercise. Deformed areas in the body are fixed by cosmetic surgeries. This procedure is called Post Bariatric Surgery.

The elements of Post Bariatric Surgeries can be enumerated as follows :

  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast lift
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Breast Implant

Distinct surgical techniques are utilized depending on the excess of deformation. To illustrate, it might be necessary to tidy up the excessive skin and to place an implant right under the muscle in the chest. In the abdomen, the sagging skin is removed and stretching is carried out. Patients can undergo just one operation or multiple surgeries based on their health status. They are operated under general anesthesia and are hospitalized for 2 nights. Most patients have more than one operation and are required to wear a special corset for one to three months. After surgery, it is normal that there might be bruising or swelling in the operated areas. The adverse events will fade away withing a few weeks. Moreover, patients must take antibiotics for approximately one week (if surgeon prescripes) and they are allowed to take painkillers when they have unbearable pain. They musn’t lift heavy objects and do vigorous exercise for one month. It is crucial that patients do not smoke before and after surgery by virtue of the fact that blood circulation can be affected negatively. Therefore, it takes wounds more time to heal during this period. The week after surgery, your follow-up must be performed by your specialist. He/she may check your incision areas and remove the plasters. Immediately after the surgery, it is important for you to be mobilized in order to gain a better blood circulation.

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