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Prominent Ear


Prominent ear deformity is a deformity arising from the less development of certain parts of the ear (endaural loops) or the over development of some parts, and sometimes both.

While it can be fixed with special bondaging techniques in the early period after birth, it requires surgical treatment in the advancing ages. Since 90% of the development of ear is completed around the ages of 5-6, it’s possible to make the treatment starting from these ages. Not to let the child get effected psychologically by the negative attitudes of his/her peers, the best time for the treatment is the preschool period.

There are methods such as surgery or pulling back with thread within the treatment. While the second one has advantages such as it takes a short time and it’s easy to apply that method; because of its disadvantages such as the relapse of deformity, insufficient recovery, most of the surgeons don’t use this method. Otoplasty is a method which can be performed through general anaesthesia in childhood and local anaesthesia in advanced ages, takes 45-60 minutes on the average and doesn’t require hospitalization. At the end of the surgery, an elastic ear bondage is put and it’s used for one week. The patient can get back to his/her daily life in the same day.

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