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What is Rhinoplasty?

What is Rhinoplasty?

The nose is somewhat the most remarkable feature of the face, and is often the first part that is remembered during social interactions with people. The appearance of one’s nose plays an important role in a person’s overall body image and self-confidence. Rhinoplasty surgery which is known as nose job surgery can be performed to enhance the appearance of the nose, and can also help with patients who have difficulty breathing. (Rhinoplasty, Istanbul)

At the present time, the patients consulting us prefer natural nose job appearance. The patients, who want to have this operation, may consult us with the demands such as aquiline nose correction, nose lifting or nose filing. Our patients can see the nose image required after the operation before the rhinoplasty operation by the devices revealing three-dimensional post-operative nose image in our clinic. As soon as patients decide to undergo rhinoplasty, Dr Ercan Demiray will examine the patient to determine if he/she has any problems breathing. After that, Dr Demiray will conduct a 3D Vectra imaging facial analysis to ensure that the projected outcomes are suitable for the patient’s facial structure and in line with his/her expectations. Rhinoplasty procedures which are performed under general anesthesia, generally take between 1.5-2 hours, and patients can be discharged on the same day of the operation or the day after depending on the patient’s condition. (Rhinoplasty Turkey)

What is the age range of the rhinoplasty operations?

These operations are generally the operations, which may be applied at every age as of 18 years old in the boys and 17 years old in the girls. Apart from the age range, the most important fact that should be taken into consideration is that the nose structure should complete the development process. Some deformities in the nose structure and negative image formed accordingly may affect the young people psychologically in the adolescence period. In such cases, you may bring your children to our clinics and learn whether they are appropriate for rhinoplasty operations.
(Nose Job in Istanbul, Turkey)

What is the operation duration, and what kind of anesthesia is applied?

The durations of rhinoplasty operations are generally in the range of 1.5 and 2 hours. However, this duration may change depending on the status of the person in the secondary and more complicated operations. Dr Ercan Demiray generally performs a great majority of his operations under the general anesthesia in terms of the patient comfort and easiness. These operations may seldom be performed with sedation.

What is the healing process after rhinoplasty surgery?

One week of recovery is generally sufficient before a patient can resume to his daily social life, or return to work. After surgery the patient’s nose is bandaged, and the doctor would remove them after a week. Post-operative bruising and swelling can also be expected, however these would fade in approximately 10 days. The final shape of the nose after surgery would only be apparent after a period of time has passed; even though upon removing the gypsum bandages patients are expected to see their enhanced noses, the final shape would take form approximately one year later.

Can the Rhinoplasty Operations be combined with other plastic surgeries?

Rhinoplasty operations can be performed in combination with the other plastic surgeries such as; breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, gynecomastia . Moreover, maxilla, forehead and malar operations, which are performed in order to provide golden ratio in the face namely Profiloplasty, may be applied together with the rhinoplasty operations.

What is Profiloplasty?

The effect of the change in the nose appearance on the holistic appearance of the face is undoubtedly obvious. With rhinoplasty, a more perfect appearance may be achieved by providing the golden ratio in the face with minor changes in the regions of chin, forehead, and malar of the face. Even only a minor change in the nose appearance affects the facial expression significantly and providing golden ratio with the plastic surgeries performed in other parts of the face aims at reaching a more perfect appearance. With profiloplasty operation, apart from the rhinoplasty operation, appropriate angles are formed and golden ratio is provided in the face by placing implant in the chin or reducing the chin or with the applications such as making the malar more prominent.

How do we provide the organizations of our foreign or out-of-town patients?

It is surely important that you come for an examination in person in our clinic before the Rhinoplasty operations. The organization of your operation starts after you learn from the three dimensional post-operative images formed by 3D Vectra what kind of an operation will be performed and agree with Dr. Ercan Demiray on the final appearance specified. If you come from abroad or out-of-town, you send us your photographs and we can price you on average with a pre-assessment. Afterwards you are supposed to stay in Istanbul for rhinoplasty at least for 1 week. Hotel or airport organizations, bus terminal transfers are arranged in accordance with your demand within this process.

After unsuccessful surgery, the appearance of nose can be corrected?

The purpose of rhinoplasty surgery is to shape a nose that is more compatible, whilst remaining natural looking, with the patient’s facial features the patient’s face is compatible with, moreover the surgery also aims to solve certain patients’ breathing problems. Patients that have had unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgery in the past should also contact us, so as long as one year has elapsed after their previous surgery and wounds have healed.

What is the cost of this application?

Rhinoplasty cost may vary according to the people nose shape. We cannot publish Rhinoplasty prices at our website as per the laws.

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