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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction

Nowadays, patients undergo a more comfortable experience as minimal surgical liposuction techniques are applied in place of more conventional methods. By using the latest technology of ultrasonic heat waves, Vaser Lipo, fat is disintegrated whilst tightening the surface of the skin. Moreover, Vaser Lipo eliminates the rugged appearance of the skin surface which can result from more conventional liposuction methods. (Vaser Liposuction in Istanbul)

What are the advantages of the latest Vaser technique?

Unlike conventional laser liposuction methods that can harm important tissues (such as the connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves) therefore resulting in bruising and swelling, the ultrasonic waves used in Vaser lipo techniques target only fat cells. Patients can resume their daily lives quickly after Vaser Lipo procedures.

Additionally, the fats fragmented during vaser liposuction are taken out via special cannulas while the fat tissue may get harmed due to heat or other reasons in other liposuction methods and since ultrasonic sound waves are used, the fats taken don’t get harmed and can also be used for fat injection process when needed.

Who would Vaser Lipo be suitable for?

The Vaser Lipo technique is a safe and effective method that is generally suitable for those unable to get rid of excess fat through diet and fitness. It is also approved by the FDA as an effective method of breaking down fat cells in various areas of the body including the abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs, knees, cheeks, chin, and breasts/chest. Moreover, it is quite effective in resolving Gynecomastia- large breast sizes of men.

Patients are generally able to resume to their normal day to day activities 2 to 3 days after their Vaser Lipo operation. Moreover, patients are required to wear a special corset for a period of 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the patients’ skin elasticity) in order to ensure a more effective outcome of the procedure.

For whom is it appropriate?

Vaser liposuction technique is a safe and efficient liposuction method with low complication risk for anyone, who may not lose regional fat excess in spite of dieting and doing exercise. This method approved by FDA helps an efficient outcome by breaking up fat in the body areas such as abdomen, bottom, legs, knees, cheeks, jowl, and breast. It is a quite effective method also for the breast size increase in other words gynecomastia observed in the males.

It is a quite effective method also for the breast size increase in other words gynecomastia observed in the males.
In the post-operative period of vaser liposuction, the patient may continue his/her daily life within 2-3 days.

Which anesthesia method is appropriate? How should be the pre-operative preparation?

The general anesthesia is more appropriate in terms of the patient comfort in this technique since liposuction is generally performed on multi areas and the areas are wide areas such as abdomen, back, and legs. However, local anesthesia and sedation method may be applied for the areas in smaller and fewer sites. The appropriate selection of the anesthesia method is specified according to the health status of the patient, fat rate in the area liposuction will be performed, and the wideness of the area.

Herbal tea, blood thinners such as Aspirin, Vitamin E, and some vitamin derivatives should not be taken for approximately 1 week and 10 days in the post-operative period due to their blood thinning effects. Food and liquid intake should be stopped in the manner of fasting at least 9-10 hours before the operation. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided. Especially smoking in the post-operative period delays wound healing.

During the examination, whether to apply alone or in combination with other techniques, the areas to be applied are specified by discussing with Dr. Ercan Demiray. The areas, on which vaser liposuction will be applied in the pre-operative period, are revealed by your surgeon by drawing them.(Vaser liposuction Turkey)

Is corset supposed to be used in the post-operative period? How long is it required?

According to the skin elasticity of each patient, wearing a corset in the range of 2-3 weeks in the post-operative period increases the efficiency of the results. The corsets are special medical corsets and they are not apparent below the clothes. Perforated special corsets specific for this season, which let the air in, are used in the springs and summers.
You can have a bath generally within 1 or 2 days after vaser liposuction. The corset may be worn again after taking off during having a bath.

Is hospitalization required? How often should I come for control afterwards?

Generally you may be discharged from the hospital after having rest for 3-4 hours in terms of these operations. However, you may be hospitalized for 1 night in cases considered as necessary by the surgeon or the patient demands to rest in the hospital. Afterwards, the patient should come for controls at least for 2 times or for the numbers and times considered as appropriate by the surgeon. (Liposuction Istanbul)

Is this operation performed in combination with the other plastic surgery operations?

Plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation,rhinoplasty/, tummy tuck, face lift may be performed in combination with the liposuction operations. Furthermore, the fat removed by melting off may be injected to the certain regions such as the facial area, legs since the structure of fat cells is not deteriorated.

When may I return to my normal life after the operation?

In terms of the vaser liposuction operations, the healing process is quite fast due to the fact that the device is especially specific for the fat tissue and it doesn’t damage the muscles, vessels, and ligaments. Less empurpling, bleeding, and rash are observed. This is the reason that you may begin your daily life within 3 days. Complete removal of the edema in the body and the skin to gain normal structure take nearly 1 month in average. Curled, thin lines are more clearly revealed after this period. Various massage therapies may be applied in order to remove the edema.

Will I regain weight after this fat removal method?

After this application, gaining weight is inevitable if you don’t pay attention for diet and doing exercise; however, gaining weight will be equal in all areas of the body and fat formation is not gathered on certain areas. As long as you pay attention for the diet; a shaped, healthy and fit appearance is provided.

Is vaser liposuction efficient for the treatment of breast size increase observed in the males?

Breast size increase observed in the males due to various reasons is removed from the body by melting with vaser device. Moreover, the vaser device also has a strong effect on the hardened breast tissue. Fat formed in the breast tissue is melted by ultrasonic sound waves, removed and the skin is tightened. It is one of the most effective methods for the breast size increase observed in the males.

What is the cost of this application?

Vaser liposuction cost may vary according to the people and body areas. We cannot publish vaser liposuction prices at our website as per the laws.

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