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Unique Testimonials

I chose Istanbul Dr Ercan Demiray’s clinic for my nose job operation to get rid of my nasal hump, which always discomforted me. I was about to undergo plastic surgery operation in a foreign country, and that was quite scaring me, until I met my sympathetic doctor. I stayed at the hospital for 1 night and at the hotel for nearly a week after the operation, I went to the clinic for the controls. My hotel, which was organized by the clinic, was also a nice, clean and well-kept hotel. This was both an operation and a touristic journey for me. After the bandages were removed at the end of 1 week, the appearance of my nose was generally as I wanted although it was still too early. I had a natural, nice nose despite the swelling right after the operation. Now, I think in Nice while swallowing my coffee that I both became beautiful and I traveled very well and I met beautiful people. I will definitely visit you Dr Ercan when I come to Istanbul


I started to talk with Dr. Ercan Demiray’s clinic for my saggy breast after giving birth. It was validated after I sent the photographs by whatsapp that I had to undergo mastopexy breast enlargement operation. When I came to the clinic for the operation, I decided to have both breast augmentation operation and tummy tuck operation with the advice of my doctor. I firstly hesitated about what I should do. Cosmetic surgery is really developed very much in Istanbul, Dr. Ercan Demiray is also in deed very professional in cosmetic surgery. My body, which got worse after giving birth, got quite better.
Liposuction surgery made me gain morale and enabled that I held on to the life again. My tummy, thighs, upper legs put on weight and gained pat so much that my mobility was limited as well as I got uglier. I thank to my doctor and thank goodness that I had that operation


I began searching for Dr. Ercan Demiray by a friend of mine, who had a nose-job previously by him. When I called him on the phone, they were helpful at all stages. When we reached each other a little bit late with the welcoming personnel as I got off the plane, I was panicked as I made a wrong choice. In fact, the plane landed a little bit earlier and the transfer company was stuck in the traffic. Miss. Duygu, whom I talked on the phone, immediately compensated the delay. But afterwards it passed very well. I had my post-operative period controls within a week; I both enjoyed and recovered, I returned to the Netherlands.


I had a tummy region that the unhealthy appearance discomforted me a lot. I had to get rid of this tummy occurred due to carbohydrate-based feeding in the past sitting at the office all the time. While I was searching on the internet, I found Dr. Ercan Demiray. I heard that Istanbul was developed well in the cosmetic surgery and the prices were suitable. I reached the phone number by whatsapp. As I got attention also on the phone, I got an appointment for operation. I pray for Dr. Ercan Demiray and his team every day.


I had liposuction in Istanbul in Ercan Demiray’s clinic. My tummy, waist in other words my belly and back gained fat. I got rid of my fat in Istanbul; I also traveled around the city a little bit. Everything was very good, I was very pleased, thank you very much for everything Dr. Ercan Demiray


I had previously operations from my nose twice in my country; both of my operations were unfortunately unsuccessful. Dr. Ercan Demiray solved my problem in the third operation and my nose was finally in a good shape. If the first operation is not successful, next operations are more difficult. They succeeded the difficult goal in this clinic. Thank you Dr. Ercan

Saudi Arabia

Thank you to Dr. Ercan Demiray, who saved me from my excess fat. Thank you very much to your professional international patient organization team and my skillful doctor.


I recommend this clinic for good results and suitable prices for liposuction operation. Very high prices are requested in Europe for such a quality team and skillful surgeon


My friends, who laughed at me or tried to stop me by saying it is illogical to go to Istanbul for breast enlargement, try to get appointments from my doctor now


Hardness occurred under the skin of my tummy and waist circumference in the liposuction I underwent previously, there was an bumpy appearance in my tummy. When I reached the assistant of Dr. Ercan Demiray, I learnt that I may get rid of them by new techniques. I got rid of the appearances of my tummy as a mountain with this new technique liposuction vaser. My body got better with the intervention of Mr. Ercan. I thank very much to the doctor and his team

Saudi Arabia

I came to Istanbul for work; I know that surgical operations are cost-effective and very successful here. For some time, gynecomastia operation was in the back of my mind. While I was talking to me colleague, he mentioned about Dr. Demiray. When I sent photographs by the phone, he diagnosed for gynecomastia. As I was in Istanbul anyway, I went to his clinic and I was examined again. The diagnosis was the same diagnosis; gynecomastia was required. While my business contracts continue, I also had my operation. The hospital was clean, the personnel were smiling, my doctor was experienced, and everything was ok


I always thought that nose job was not kind of an operation for men, but I was never at peace with myself because of my nose. I also didn’t want to have a female nose if I had rhinoplasty. I both wanted to have nose job and I had worries. I talked to a number of clinics; at the latest I was satisfied with the nose structure, which Dr. Demiray showed me by three dimensional simulation imaging method and would perform on me. I searched for the operation history of this doctor, his operations were very successful. My operation was also successful. I now have a nice, inartificial nose with ideal size suitable for my face. I feel lucky to having this surgeon.


My friend had liposuction by Dr. Demiray and she was very pleased. I got an appointment for liposuction as I saw her. I thank very much to my doctor and his team. I couldn’t decide if my tummy was better or not in Istanbul because of the edema after the operation, I want to state from here that my tummy is very beautiful and thin, thank you very much for everything

United States

I had a hair transplantation surgery with Dr Ercan Demiray. I wait around 7 months to write this recommendation to see real result. The serves were very good and professional but the price was much more expensive than other cliniques